Buy a cheap serving trolley

Serving Trolleys For Storing Stuff Close

When you’re bedridden or spend most of your day in one place – like on the sofa – it’s important to be able to have the stuff you need close by. Hospital bed tables are one possibility but they don’t actually have a lot of storage space, and things can easily fall off the edge. [...]

Disability And Logos

The Hoyden About Town blog has a fantastic post about Representations of Disabled Bodies in Logos. The post is especially relevant to readers of this blog, and I recommend you read it carefully; view the logos and try to figure out the answer for yourself before scrolling further down to see what Lauredhel has concluded. [...]

Filling Our Worlds, Online

There’s a great post from JudiElise on the blog Having A Unique Family where she talks about some of the internet-based activities that she fills her time with: Okay, I know it was just a couple of weeks ago and I was complaining about joining Facebook and Twitter. I take it all back now. Read [...]

Bedridden Visitor Plan Lacks Bedridden People

In a follow up news article to the last I wrote about, we have this one in England’s Echo News today, “Echo story brings flood of volunteers to help housebound“: A disabled man’s campaign to launch a befriending scheme for the housebound has received a good response – but not from the bedridden people he [...]