Essex Man’s Bedridden Visitor Plan

I spotted this in the UK’s Echo News today, under the headline My befriending plan to help bedridden people:

A DISABLED man who has barely left his room in five years is trying to set up a befriending scheme for other bedbound people.

Michael Halliday, who battles with Parkinson’s disease, has been bedridden since a fall when he damaged his knee five years ago. However, the former social services worker, of Teagles, Laindon, refuses to let his disabilities hold him back.

Mr Halliday, 45, said: ‘Bedbound people get very few visitors. Sometimes their carer is the only person they see every day and they can get very lonely.

‘I want to set up a visiting scheme where other disabled people volunteer to be the arms and legs for bedbound people.

‘I’m also working on starting a newsletter for disabled people and I hope to get other people to contribute to it.’ Read More »

I’ve done some searches but I can’t seem to find this Michael or Mike Halliday on the net anywhere. Does anybody here live in the relevant area? I’d love to get in touch with him.

- Ricky Buchanan

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5 responses to “Essex Man’s Bedridden Visitor Plan”

  1. Gianna

    ahh!! that’s what I look like about 10 hours a day, but I’m not as upright…being that upright makes me feel too sick, though my physical therapist has me on a regime where I’m suppose to be upright at least an hour a day…I try…most of the time I accomplish it, but not always.

  2. Andy

    Hello – so how does a decent guy 50 + with lots of free time midweek get to volunteer to help assist or comfort these desperate bedridden folk who seek company
    Any ideas or contacts and i’m listening – someone out there must know
    Many thanks – Andy

  3. Tony Atherton


    We have been working with Mike for several months now please contact through the above email and visit web link

  4. Ricky Buchanan

    @Tony: Thanks got getting in touch with me!

    Can you tell my why Mike isn’t on the internet, or doesn’t appear to be using the net in any way to get in touch with others of us who are bedridden? I’m just curious – probably he doesn’t want to but I’d love to know his reasons.

    If you or Mike or somebody else connected would like to write something for publication in this blog I’d love that. Just contact me via whatever method suits best. Hope to hear from you soon.

  5. Bedridden Visitor Plan Lacks Bedridden People

    [...] a follow up news article to the last I wrote about, we have this one in England’s Echo News today, “Echo story brings flood of volunteers [...]

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