The Four Walls No Limits website (formerly ‘Bedridden/Unlimited’) is something I’ve wanted to do for years – set up a central place where people who are bedridden, sofa-bound, housebound, mostly homebound, or otherwise confined to one place for any reason can share ideas, suggestions, hints and tips, and support each other.

It’s just beginning to be shaped, and I’d love people who want to help me with it! Just let me know by leaving a comment and I’ll get in touch.

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- Ricky

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  1. Judith

    I think your blog is a wonderful idea. I am no longer bedbound, but am housebound a lot these days. You can read my blog (would love to be on your roll!) if you like to.

    I will follow you because you and I have similar goals. I want to connect disabled/chronically ill people in new ways through the power of Assistive and Regular Technology, social communities and the Internet.

    Please keep in touch.

  2. Gianna

    I’m bedbound/housebound most of the time…VERY occasionally I feel well enough to be out for about 20 minutes…like once a month…anyway…it’s not how I “market” my blog, but it is my reality…and it’s unusual how I got here…so I don’t know how you’ll feel about my story.

    and heck yeah, you CAN have a meaningful life from a mostly horizontal position…

  3. Gianna

    hi…great to see me on your blogroll…but it really would be more appropriate to put me in the housebound category. I do get up and about a tiny bit and even get out of the house for 20 minutes about once a month when I’m feeling unusually well…

    not completely bedbound by any means…but I still relate to how fantastic it is to get your hair washed!! I don’t have the strength very often to pull off a bath or shower, even with a bench in my tub…

    thanks for including me.

    this is a really great resource…people have no idea what it’s like to live like this…and it can be isolating and it’s nice to know there are others.

  4. ira


    here’s a link with products that can be helpful

  5. Priscilla

    Blessings on you and your endeavor. I’m not bed and or even exactly house bound anymore, though I do still spend virtually all my time in two rooms of my house. It is a great idea to share strategies. I look forward to reading more.

  6. Gary Owens

    My wife ,Gina, has been bed-ridden for 13 years with CFS/ME. Her symptioms at times are very severe. At first I concentrated only on her physical needs, but I found out she also had emotional needs to deal with, when her doctor ordered a hospital bed to be used in our home. She became more depressed because of the sterile, clinical look of her room. I invented a headboard and footboard that would slip over her hospital bed ends to turn an ugly hospital bed into a beautiful piece of home furniture. It made all the difference. Gary Owens

    1. Ricky Buchanan

      @Gary: I have had the Tendercarebeds on my list of things to review on this site for a while, I’ll email you ASAP. Thank you for the comment!

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