Meditation Resources for People Living with Chronic Illness or Pain

Meditation Resources for People Living with Chronic Illness or Pain

If your illness or life circumstances prevent you from attending meditation classes it can be very helpful to have a good book or CD course that can guide your practice. If you can’t afford to buy new books or CD’s you might be able to find them second-hand on sites like E-Bay, or at your [...]

A peaceful sunset can be a good meditation focus.

Loving Kindness Meditation

When I was first introduced to Loving Kindness meditation I thought, ‘What’s all this lovey-dovey stuff? I don’t need this! I want to be a proper meditator!’ I grew to realise that those who resist Loving Kindness meditation are perhaps the ones who need it the most – it’s now my primary meditation practice. I [...]

Brushing teeth and driving

Mindfulness in Daily Life

‘Mindfulness’ is a word we hear a lot when we start to meditate; all the books and teachers talk about it. Essentially, it means just being present for what is happening. When you’re making a cup of tea and you’re aware of the smooth feel of the tea-cup in your hand, of the weight of [...]

Emma Corcoran

Meditation with a Chronic Illness

This is the first in a series of four short articles about starting a meditation practice if you have a chronic illness. This first article is about establishing a simple meditation practice, and finding a meditation posture. The next three articles will focus on: Mindfulness practice in everyday life Loving Kindness meditation Meditation resources: books, [...]