Bedridden Visitor Plan Lacks Bedridden People

In a follow up news article to the last I wrote about, we have this one in England’s Echo News today, “Echo story brings flood of volunteers to help housebound“:

A disabled man’s campaign to launch a befriending scheme for the housebound has received a good response – but not from the bedridden people he wanted to help.

Michael Halliday says he has been overwhelmed by the community’s response to an appeal for volunteers.

Mr Halliday, 45, of Teagles, Laindon, says he now has 15 volunteers willing to visit disabled people, keep them company and help around the house.

But he thinks fear of being exploited may be stopping disabled people signing up as clients.

Mr Halliday, who is housebound and suffers from Parkinson’s disease has now issued a fresh plea for housebound and bedridden people to get in touch.

And he says they need not worry about being exploited or conned, since all the scheme’s volunteers will be police-checked and trained.Read More »

I’m glad to read he’s a former social worker and knows about the potential problems that could occur with a scheme like this. People who are housebound are often very vulnerable.

I hope the program gets off the ground and wish him the best of luck.

Did any of our UK readers get in touch with Mr Halliday? I still haven’t had any luck finding any internet contact details for him, unfortunately.

- Ricky Buchanan

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3 responses to “Bedridden Visitor Plan Lacks Bedridden People”

  1. rickybuchanan (Ricky Buchanan)

    New post on Bedbound/Unlimited: Bedbound visitor plan lacks bedridden people

  2. Judith

    I got as far as the reporter who did the story. She recently contacted me again and I let her know that I had no luck in getting in touch with Mr. Halliday. Hopefully, we will hear back something from him or one of the volunteers.

    Thanks for the follow up!

  3. admin

    @Judith: That’s fantastic news, thank you! I hope they get back to you ASAP.

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