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2 responses to “Coping Skills Question”

  1. Judith Wilson Burkes

    I wrote a post called “5 Things To Do When Your Life Hits a Brick Wall.

    I have found that there is a process to coping with my life. I am still on the road going through the process, too, so I am not telling anyone what to do per se, just that these are the steps I have found to work in dealing with the situations I face.

    It is a hard thing to cope with when you become housebound or bed-bound. Even ordinary stories about disability do not really talk about us. In fact, it is more likely to be said that we are not “reaching our full potential.”

    I believe that there are so many of us that need to support one another. I know so many people supported me to get where I am. I am here to support anyone who needs it.


  2. Daphne

    It’s very hard try to survive being bed bound….I’m find it stressful trying to do little things for myself. Some people don’t relieze how strong we really are.

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