Disability And Logos

The Hoyden About Town blog has a fantastic post about Representations of Disabled Bodies in Logos.

The post is especially relevant to readers of this blog, and I recommend you read it carefully; view the logos and try to figure out the answer for yourself before scrolling further down to see what Lauredhel has concluded. Did you spot it?

And to all new readers coming here via Hoydens! There aren’t a lot of posts, so you may want to subscribe to make sure you catch new things.

- Ricky

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3 responses to “Disability And Logos”

  1. lauredhel

    Thanks for the link-love :)

    1. admin

      You too :)

  2. greenwords

    I’m a bit behind on my Hoyden About Town reading lately, thanks for the tip, I’ll head on over.

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