Filling Our Worlds, Online

There’s a great post from JudiElise on the blog Having A Unique Family where she talks about some of the internet-based activities that she fills her time with:

Okay, I know it was just a couple of weeks ago and I was complaining about joining Facebook and Twitter.

I take it all back now.

Aside from my web pages I spend time on Facebook and Twitter. I spend some time in text and voice based chat with individuals and groups. I attend the Gimp Girl support group meetings on Second Life via their great IRC relay (my disabilities make it difficult for me to use Second Life directly). I design more T-shirts for No Pity City.

What are some of the online activities you fill your life with?

- Ricky Buchanan

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2 responses to “Filling Our Worlds, Online”

  1. rickybuchanan (Ricky Buchanan)

    New article on Bedbound/Unlimited in response to a post by @judielise

  2. Ingeborg

    Hyves (I live in the Netherlands), updating my website after not being able to for 4 years, email and if possible writing my book (for almost 10 years now and still not nearly finished :-(

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