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10 responses to “Happiness Is Clean Hair”

  1. Judith

    Oh, I am glad you feel as light as a feather! What an analogy when I know the process exhausted you.

    I had one of those hair wash basins when I spent a year severely limited in motion. No one understand how much a small piece of plastic can make a difference.

  2. michelle

    I have great difficulty washing my hair. Where can you purchase a hair basin?

  3. admin

    Michelle: If you click on the link in the article you can buy it from Otherwise, ask you local pharmacist about medical suppliers and ask them if they can get it in for you. Best of luck!

  4. Ingeborg

    I, unfortenately, know what you mean Ricky.
    I had my hair washed past Saturday. I don’t have such a hair wash basin, because I can’t keep my head like that. I find it easier when I lay on my tummy.
    My carer discovered a new way to wash my hair. Where I live now, I have wide doors which slight to one side. The doors are wide enough to let a hospital bed through. If I am physically able they can push me with my bed from bedroom to living room or bathroom and even outside onto the porch.
    Saturday my carer pushed my hospital bed to the next door bathroom. There she put my bed against the washbasin. Then the head part goes up just enough so I can put my head over the bededge. I turn onto my tummy and shuffle up till I lay with my chin in the washbasin. My carer grabs for the shower head from the nearby shower and gets it to the washbasin. The hose is just long enough. It could be made for it. And this is how my hair is being washed.

    I still have a relapse from it, but it feels great to have your hair washed.

    At first we worked for years with a big bucket, but this is easier. And it is nice to feel all that water on your head.

  5. Glenda Watson Hyatt

    Having freshly washed and cut hair feels so womanly and freeing. I’m glad you are feeling like that today! Enjoy. ;)

    1. Ricky Buchanan

      @Glenda: When it’s a rare occurence, I treasure it many times as much as I would otherwise! I had my crew-cut renewed too so I’m feeling quite freshly shorn and ready to face the spring today!

  6. Glenda Watson Hyatt

    What a wonderful way to begin spring! Savour!

  7. Karen

    Thanks for telling your story, Ricky. I’m curious. I understand how this could be physically exhausting, but why does it cost energy “to cope with the sensory input caused by all that’s done”? I thought getting the scalp rubbed gently and massaged (when done well, of course) would be nice and not cost energy. Can you explain?
    Suddenly I remember hearing that people with arthritis have to be very cautious about getting massages. Massages “set things in motion” in the circulatory system that can have a negative effect. Also, heart patients must be cautious, or even avoid them. Do you know anything about that and whether there is any connection? You got me all curious now! :)

    1. Ricky Buchanan

      @Karen: Thanks for the comment and the curiosity! Learning is always good. It’s not related to massage because I have a massage each week to help clear the toxins out from between my cells – they get the blood moving. I think the reason some people have to be cautious is that if you clear out too much toxic crap at once it can be a strain on the body… it all gets dumped from the lymph system into the blood stream and the liver can get overloaded. It’s almost like an instant hangover without the fun part of being drunk first, I’m told.

      The sensory input thing is different. It’s like I have a certain amount of energy that’s allocated to sight, hearing, touch, etc., per day and if I exceed those limits then I’m overdoing it. There’s a lot of touch-related input in hair washing, just things that you feel – hair being moved, warm water, etc. Even if a touch is very pleasant (warm water on head, a hug, etc.) it still counts towards that day’s limits. It’s that same reason that I only wash sections of me each day – having a full bedbath exceeds my touch limits for the day and can send me into a CFS crash.

      Does that make sense? Questions are always fine!

  8. Sophie

    Hi Ricky. I really like ur style of writing and how ur trying to reach out and help people. Ive gone for months without having my hair washed before (I also have ME) but I wouldnt say I felt heavenly afterwards! Just exhausted! and yucky hair feeling before!
    I totally know what u mean about the sensory input though. I think lots of people without ME find it quite strange and hard to understand.

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