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  1. Nicola Fantom

    Hi natalie,

    It was lovely to read your article and share your pictures of recovery with your health.
    I myself have suffered with M.E./Fibromyalgia 6 year +. I was bed/housebound for about 3 years, occasionaly managing small days out and evenings out- but always suffering for days afterwards as payback!!! Due to being so in-active i put on loads of weight, going from a size 6/8 to a size 14/16, i got really depressed with being so ill, feeling so fat, having no confidence in myself and not ever having a decent nights sleep due being in pain all the time. I then bought a Wii Fit and gradually my health started to improve and body got strong again. I still suffer with the illness and still have days where i need complete rest from over-doing it, but thankfully these are few and far between.

    I am now back to my size 6/8 dress size due to being active a lot more/exercising/and having a social life again. I can now go to the theatre/cinema have nights out and even long days out so long as im sensible and dont try and do too much at once. I would say CBT really helped me to get my pacing correct and gradually get fit again, although sometimes im not well enough to do exercise if ive got other stuff im busy with i.e. doing up the garden or some ebay listings or something else high energy- replacing rather than trying to do both has helped me a lot and i now recognise i can still live a pretty full life so long as i rest adequatly before and after and make sure i leave plenty of space between doing things i.e. if i go for a night out i won’t try and go on another night the night after as i need to rest for a few days after this.

    Just wondered how your health was now? Whether you still have the occasional relapse and need full rest days etc? Whether your weight flucuated etc?


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