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5 responses to “The “Usefulness” Factor”

  1. Cesy

    Another good article, thank you!

  2. LameBill

    Thanks! This article is just what I needed to hear after a day of trying to edit a single web page and utterly failing due to my own brain fog.

  3. Em

    Thanks for this post. As a person with multiple invisible disabilities I, too, struggle with ‘feeling useful’ – compounded by helpful queries from close family such as “Will you ever go back to work?” said in such a way as you know EXACTLY what that individual is thinking (and no, it isn’t complementary!). I’m going to send my Mum this link!

  4. WackyLisa

    Thanks for sharing this.
    I still struggle with this to this day. While I know there are lots of ways to measure worth other than by income I still feel a need to be “useful” somehow however I have to redefine useful for myself on a far too regular basis for my liking. I have some ideas thanks to this article. Thank you.

  5. Sandra Sullivan-Perez

    I struggled first for 20 years with invisible disabilities, then a fall down a staircase made a visible disability. My need to be useful has translated into knitting, crocheting, scrap booking,restoring dolls and working on a family recipe book. My only contact with the outdoors is to walk the dog out the front door, and sit on the front step till he is ready to go back in.

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