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5 responses to “Using A Desktop Computer In Bed”

  1. Mark


    You should buy a copy of Dragon naturally speaking, it’s a speech recognition application that would save you having to even bother with a keyboard. You simply put on a set of headphones and speak. It can open up applications, menus, and lots of other stuff that we normally do using a mouse/keyboard. It’s the ultimate lazy man’s/woman’s application.


  2. Ingeborg

    Hi Mark,

    I tried that too, but my voice is too soft and I speak bad. I had to correct so much, that just typing everything was easier. The sore throat, soft voice and bad speaking also gets worse when I speak too much.
    I think Ricky has the same problem.


  3. Keyboarding Under the Covers

    [...] have my desktop computer set up to use in bed, so I am snug under the blankets and keyboarding in bed is possible. A similar setup would work [...]

  4. superaleja

    Hey Ricky!

    I actually came here looking for this entry, but it felt like something was missing from it, and then I realized you’d posted it on the ATMac site:

  5. Green glue

    You know, I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile. I may attempt it tomorrow. Actually, I wish I had one of those trays that overhang the bed like at the hospital, but I cant afford that. I have neck problems so cant really afford to have my neck tilted too much. I do work about 10 hours a day on the comp. Anyhow, nice information..


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