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  • Using A Laptop In Bed

11 responses to “Using A Laptop In Bed”

  1. Lisa Connor

    Hi, I’m getting a 404 on the Ergo Rolling Desk Mate.
    Thanks for writing this.
    I have an iLap which is a great laptop lap desk that puts the weight on my lap and cools but doesn’t suit all of my needs so I’ve been looking for something that would help fill in the gaps.
    iLap –

  2. admin

    @Lisa: Thanks for the comment. I found a working link for the Ergo Rolling Desk Mate, so it should work now.

  3. greenwords

    I use a rolling table that tilts, similar to the one you linked to. I don’t know what I’d do without it!

    I also use a wireless keyboard and mouse. One thing I’ve been wondering lately is whether it’s possible to get wireless keyboards that have the same ease of use as the average laptop keyboard, in terms of the pressure required to depress the keys?

    If you or anyone else ever becomes aware of one like that, I’d love to know.

    My wireless keyboard requires significantly more pressure than the light touch my laptop keyboard responds to.

    Keep up the great work with the site, Ricky.

    1. admin

      @Greenwords: There’s no reason a wireless keyboards should be more difficult to type on. One I’ve heard is soft is the new small keyboards that Apple sells – these should work fine with a Windows computer, and have laptop-style keys on them. Let me know how you go!

  4. greenwords

    Thanks so much for that tip, I’ll ask someone to check out the Apple ones for sure.

    My Shintaro certainly has its benefits: it’s robust and survives falling off the bed, it’s well-balanced for resting on the body, and has a decent trackball. It’s almost perfect except I wish the keys had a lighter touch. I’m too fussy!

    Will keep you posted on how I go.

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  8. Ingeborg


    I’m looking for a laptop stand (I bought the MacBook Air).
    When looking at the pics of laptop tables which take the weight off your body I’m afraid that raising your arms like that will be very hard. Wouldn’t be a laptop stand which distribute the weight across your thighs easier for your arms? Can anyone advise me?

    I now use a bed tray, but I want something smaller so I can grab it myself instead of asking my parents all the time to give me the laptop&tray. That’s also why I bought the MacBook Air, because it’s so light. I want to put it in a laptop bag so I can hang the bag next to my bed so I can grab the laptop myself.

    1. admin

      @Ingeborg: Do you need a stand at all? If you just put the Macbook Air on your legs can you use it OK? If there is a specific problem (too heavy, too hot, angle is wrong, etc.) then that will change what sort of stand or table might fit your needs. Lots of people just put the laptop in their laps though, so don’t get a stand if you don’t need one!

      Some stands which take the weight off you will make the laptop higher, but if you get a stand or table which has is adjustable you should be able to adjust it so it’s only a tiny bit higher than otherwise. Also pillows or cushions under your elbows/arms might help – I use these.

      Remember that the over-bed tables like in the third list of links in the article are usually on wheels. If your bed allows these and you have space to leave it beside the bed with your laptop on it, it might be easier to just pull it towards you instead of the sort of stand you need to pick up.

      Best of luck!!

      1. Ingeborg

        Hi Ricky,

        I will receive my mac today or tomorrow. Then I will see if I really need something. If I need something it will be because of the heat and the angle. I now have a 17″ laptop which is too heavy. Now that I am able to work on my laptop again (I have been too ill) I notice that I again suffer from itching on my stomach and upper part of my legs. I now know that it is from the heat.

        Guess what? I do have an over-bed table, but it is full of stuff which I need daily, so no room left for my mac (which I will not use daily). And there is no space left for another table, I already got 2 tables; 1 on each side of my bed.

        I’m thinking about buying the LaidBack or the LapDawq X4
        Has anyone experience with one of them or both?

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